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7 inch Reel to Reel Tape


Artist :


Serial No : XA-1024

Tape Speed : 4Track / 7.5ips

Play Tested : Great

Manufactured : Japan


Weight: 0.45kg

* Weight including packaging material.


The item is secondhand.

The box has sunburn and stains.

It has a part where the color has been transferred due to the OBI.

See photos for condition.


SKU: 02150 I

    To Japan


    ・Click-post → Free shipping, with tracking

    Selectable only with 7-inch reels and cassette tapes.


    ・Yu-Pack: with tracking, guaranteed

    Hokkaido, Okinawa → ¥1000

    Other prefectures → ¥ 800




    International buyer

    (DHL or Fedex)


    - USA / Canada / Europe -

    Weight → Shipping

    ~1.5kg → ¥2800

    1.5~2kg → ¥3000

    2~3.5 kg → ¥4500

    3.5~5.5kg → ¥6500

    5.5~7kg → ¥7200

    7~8kg → ¥8000

    8~9kg → ¥9000

    9~10kg → ¥1000

    10~11kg → ¥11000

    11kg~→ (Please contact us by email.)


    - Asia -

    Weight → Shipping

    ~1.5kg → ¥2200

    1.5~2kg → ¥2400

    2~3.5 kg → ¥4200

    3.5~4kg → ¥4700

    4~5kg → ¥5500

    5~6kg → ¥6500

    6~7kg → ¥7000

    7~9kg → ¥7800

    9kg~→ ¥9000~ (Please contact us by email.)



    The weight including the packing material is listed.

    Therefore, if you trade in bulk, it may be cheaper than automatic calculation.

    In remote islands and some areas, the shipping company sets a separate fee.


    It may be different from the actual shipping cost because it is difficult to check the shipping cost in all areas.

    If the shipping fee increases significantly, we may cancel it.

    * Canceled only if there is no payment by notifying the shortage of shipping fee.


    If you don't see your country's shipping costs on the payment screen, please email us.


    International buyer

    Customs duty and import tax are levied on the product price and shipping fee.

    The declared amount cannot be cheated or shipped as a gift.

    The buyer is responsible for paying any customs duties.


    If you refuse to pay the customs duty or do not receive the baggage, you will be required to pay the round-trip shipping fee.


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