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Due to the large quantity of stock, it will be exhibited without checking the condition.
Open reel No. 10 metal reel
This is a used item.
There may be scratches, scratches, writing, coloring and other damage.
Please judge the model number and specifications from the photo.
Items with tape will not be returned even if the tape cannot be used.
Please make a successful bid as an unchecked item to the last.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us before making a successful bid.
Shipping fee is 800 yen nationwide, and we will ship by Yu-Pack.
It is possible to bundle it. If you would like to know the shipping cost when bundled first, please let us know the shipping destination prefecture and the bundled product from the question.
If you decide that you do not understand the nature of the product due to the nature of the product to prevent troubles,
It may be canceled.

オープンリール テープ 10号 メタルリール

SKU: 19-0589
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