No. 7  Open reel tape 
Model: ST74-10105
4 tracks  7 1/2 (19 cm / s)

Condition There is a thread due to aging and use.
Burnt, cracked corners, and sticker sticker can be seen on the box.
There is an adhesive mark on the reel.
You can play it without any problems.

It has been confirmed that there is no difference in tape content or skipping by actually playing it on an open reel deck.
Should there be any discrepancies or skips in the tape content, please contact us within 3 days of the arrival of the product.
We will consult with you regarding support including refunds.
* We do not accept returns due to slight noise peculiar to tapes (chattering sound in records) or due to the convenience of the purchaser (such as disliked sound quality).
Shelf number J

<Playback confirmed> "ON THE RIVER DON / DON COSSACK CHORUS" Open Reel No. 7 Music Tape

SKU: 19-798