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​To customers

reeltoreeltoyou is a web shop that mainly handles open reel tapes and other cassette tapes.

Most open reel music tapes have been checked for playback and inspected, so you can purchase with confidence.

* Some items have not been checked, and some items have been listed as junk items due to an error found during the check.

Please check the product status from the product page.

​how to order

1. Select a product

Please select the product you want to purchase from the shop page.

2. Add to cart

Please check the description and photo of the selected product and click "Add to Cart".

The mini cart screen will be expanded on the right side of the screen. If you want to confirm your order as it is, click "View Cart" at the bottom of the mini cart screen to proceed to the cart screen. If you want to continue ordering, please close the mini cart and continue to select.

In addition, the mini cart can be expanded at any time from the shopping bag mark on the upper right of the screen.

3. Product confirmation

After moving to the cart, check the contents and select the payment method. (Choose from credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery)

If you are sure of the contents, click the "check out" button.

Sales tax and shipping charges are not included here. Please note that it will be displayed on the next screen.

* Basically, it will be shipped by click post, so you can not specify the date and time. For those who have a separate shipping fee or purchase multiple items

We may ship by Yu-Pack. In the case of Yu-Pack, you can specify the date and time.

4. Enter the required information

Please enter your information according to the input form.

5-1. Payment

For credit card payment

When paying by credit card, select the credit card and then follow the input form to complete the payment.


In case of bank transfer

If you want to pay by bank transfer, please select bank transfer and then follow the input form to complete your order.

Please transfer the total amount of the product and shipping fee after completing the order.

Please transfer to one of the bank accounts listed below.

・ Japan Post Bank Symbol 12070 No. 05811731 F) Old Plan * If the number is 7 digits, it will be 0581173.

・ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Mikisho Branch (Public) 0237079 Ka) Old Plan

  The customer will be responsible for any fees associated with the transfer.

If there is a shortage in the amount transferred, we will postpone shipping, so please be careful not to make a mistake.

You can also check the total amount and transfer destination in the automatic reply email that you receive after completing your order.

In the case of cash on delivery

If you want to pay by cash on delivery, please select bank transfer and then follow the input form to complete your order.

For those who wish to cash on delivery, a shipping fee of 800 yen and a cash on delivery fee of 300 yen, a total of 1100 yen, will be charged in addition to the product fee.

* Cash on delivery payment is not possible with Click Post, etc., so all items will be shipped by "Yu-Pack (shipping fee 800 yen)".


5-2. Contact

When your order is confirmed, you will receive an automatic reply email for confirmation to the registered email address.

If you choose credit card payment or cash on delivery, we will contact you by email or phone once the shipment is completed.

If you choose bank transfer, we will ship it as soon as the transfer is confirmed.

In this case as well, we will contact you again once the shipment is completed.

* If the transfer cannot be confirmed within 3 days from the date of order, we may contact you for confirmation.


6. Product delivery

After confirming the payment, we will carefully pack and ship it.

If you purchased by cash on delivery, please pay the delivery person in cash. * Card payment is not possible

If there are any differences or obvious defects in the product, please contact us.

We will consult with you regarding refunds and exchanges.

* Customers cannot return the product for their own convenience. "I didn't like the sound quality", "I had the same title", etc.


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